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The Splash Process!

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The Splash Process!

What happens to molten gold when you pour it into water? After it splashes on the surface, it shatters and solidifies all at once! It creates interesting and sometimes unorthodox shapes and pieces of gorgeous gold! But what do you do with those pieces? For Gail Kowalski, that’s where the creativity is just beginning! When you peruse this website, or stop by Gail’s shop in Nags Head NC, you’ll notice right away that Gail’s jewelry is not like other pieces in a typical jewelry store. That’s because her style is not like anyone else’s style! When it comes to the Splash method, (one of many she deploys to create her artistry), she’s the first person to tell you that she didn’t invent the process, but she has perfected the technique over the years to suite her style. In this video, we further explore how the process works. Our cameras recorded a splash session, and everything that happens. That session resulted in two or three pieces of inspiration, that now live in our showcase as Jewelry by Gail originals. Splash is often just the first piece of a puzzle for earrings, pendants and even the occasional ring.   The gold can stand on its own in a piece, or be the perfect complement to gemstones, and even pearls! With so many gems of all types available, Gail starts with an imagined idea at times, and sees where that takes her. Since her style is best described as a balanced asymmetry, it opens up a world of possibilities. Gemstones are rarely centered in a traditional way.  She believes the elements have to work together to create the best result. She won’t force an idea. It all has to work together so that the piece can exist in harmony. While it may sound “New Age” she feels its critically important for the well being of the piece! At Jewelry by Gail there are all kinds of beautiful pieces of jewelry just waiting for that perfect person to come along who will give it a loving home. Could that be you?